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The Bacon Brothers release ‘British Invasion (Remix)’

Bacon Brothers. photo credit: Heart Songs Music Group

The Bacon Brothers released their soaring “British Invasion (Remix)”. The song was written by Michael Bacon and Kevin Bacon, and was later produced by Joe Niccolo. It is spirited, lively and charming.

Superstar duo The Bacon Brothers know how to strike when the iron is hot. As successful songwriters and veteran artists cemented in both the rock and Americana genres, The Bacon Brothers are following up on their latest single, “In Memory (Of When I Care)”, with remixes of previous releases.

In collaboration with the Philadelphia non-profit Sound Mind Network, “British Invasion (Remix)” is being released in an effort to raise awareness for music therapy and creative-based recovery. All streaming proceeds from Remix will directly benefit Sound Mind Networks.

“British Invasion” debuts on The Bacon Brothers’ 2020 LP . Appeared as the opening track on the way we love. With big-band energy and tongue-in-cheek lyricism, “British Invasion (Remix)” breathes new life into a throwback rock tune.

The new track features loud drums, bright horns, and melodious guitar licks that make for a truly engaging and enjoyable listening experience and elevate the source material.

The song’s title cleverly brings to mind real-world events, while the track suggests that it is actually about a beautiful British girl who “invaded”. [the narrator’s] Soul.” With clever references like “Goodbye to My Blue Suede Rock and Roll”, this track highlights some of the most iconic and gripping genres that have influenced the rock genre since its inception.

The cheeky laugh at the song’s opening and closing ties the track together, foreshadowing and then reminding the listener who, and not the, “British Invasion” really is. Who can resist that “black eyeliner and a Twiggy skirt” game from Titanic Invaders? Clearly, those UK girls are some irresistible guys.

Releasing the new single in conjunction with Sound Mind Network was an easy choice for Kevin and Michael, who are proud supporters of the non-profit mission and work closely with producer and co-founder Joe Niccolo. The single has been released under the major label Heart Songs Music Group, which will release additional music in 2022 with the non-profit.

The two have recently been announced as the headliners of the Sound Mind Network Music Festival in Atlantic City, Bali, on June 26, 2022, to further the mission of the non-profit.

“British Invasion (Remix)” is available on Digital Service Providers by clicking here. It raises two thumbs up. Bacon Brothers are like fine wines, where they get better with age.

The Bacon Brothers have spent the past quarter century in a creative swirl, funneling their shared DNA into a genre-bending sound. They call that sound “foresoko” – a mix of folk, rock, soul and country influences, given by two songwriters who were born to collaborate – and it has brought siblings around the world to shows in Japan. Took demonstrations at American sites. Carnegie Hall and Grand Ole Opry.

Michael and Kevin Bacon turned a new page with their eleventh release, Erato, whose five songs showcase the two at their diverse peak. It is an EP of dynamic contrasts: quiet moments and big payoffs, organic instruments and electronic textures, self-written lyrics, and high-profile collaborations.

Joined by songwriting sensation Desmond Child, producer Joe Niccolo, and other collaborators, the Bacon Brothers proved the pop-friendly modern rock of “In Memory (When I Cared)” from the stripped-down soul of “Dark Chocolate”. Their staying power once again.


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